English Class for Teenagers

The children aged 14-15 years learn English every Thursday in Lebak Arum, Tambaksari , Surabaya. English classes are held by the Social Development Center and  Sanggar Merah Merdeka. The teenagers focus to learn to train self-confidence, enrich vocabulary as well as simple expressions in daily communication.

Mr. Paulus as mentor at the first meeting 4 March said that lessons were delivered in a communicative and fun way in order to the teenagers can  master English easily and quickly.

He said the participants will learn English through interesting and fun teaching techniques such as:

  1. Listening the songs and singing
  2. Listening and reading stories
  3. Drawing
  4. Role play
  5. Watching movies
  6. Games
  7. And many more

After the teenagers studying for four meetings through the media of songs, stories, guessing pictures, games and singing, they learn English happily and improve self-confident and enrich vocabulary.


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