Introducing New Vocabulary through Games

Young learners love games because it is fun and interesting. Games can promote and maintain children’s motivation and interest in Learning English. Through games young learners or teenagers explore and become familiar with words and phrases. Paul (2003) states that the children will not be afraid to speak English and will likely use it as a natural part of the game.  So the language of games is meaningful. Therefore, Lebak English Club (LEC) as was part Sanggar Merah Merdeka Lebak Arum Tambaksari Surabaya taught children with fun way.  

Last week, 9 December Romo Paulus taught teenagers in LEC through storytelling and games. After they listened and retold the story, the students were divided into four groups. Every group was given many alphabets and the then they make words of food, vegetables, fruits and animals. The group who can make many words will be the winner.  Learning English through games and group could make collaboration and increase new vocabulary.  


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