Learning English at Surabaya Zoo

Some children from Lebak English Club had an outdoor class at Surabaya Zoo on Sunday (20/3). They departed at 08.30 from Sanggar Merah Merdeka at 21 Lebak Arum West Street, Tambaksari, Surabaya. Seven children joined this meeting. They went to the zoo using two cars. When they arrived at the zoo, Mr. Paulus told the children to write many nouns, such as animals, trees, flowers, and verbs. 

Every month, the Lebak English Club has an outdoor class to review all the materials that they learn every Thursday at 7.30 p.m. The teacher chose this way in order for students not to get bored studying in an indoor class. Besides that, the children can find and see new things to study English. After looking around at the zoo for three hours, the children wrote many words, and they had to send them into a Whatsapp group in order for other children to learn from their friends.

The children were very happy to join the class because they saw good views, animals, and fresh air. “I am very happy,” said Kiki, one of the students.


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