Blessings For The Children During Ramadan

The children of Sanggar Merah Merdeka Unit Tales.

By Mahrawi (Coordinator Of Sanggar Merah Merdeka)

Ramadan is a month of mercies and blessings. On 17 and 21 March, the children of Sanggar Merah Merdeka Unit Tales and Lebak, one of the divisions of Yayasan Kasih Bangsa Surabaya, held a joint fast-breaking event together. While waiting for the time to break the fast, the children learn about the fasting of Ramadan, care about their health and environment. The aim of this activity was to strengthen ties and create togetherness between the children, tutors, and volunteers.

The children of Sanggar Merah Merdeka Unit Lebak.

The event started at 4. p.m. with playing games together with the students of the state university Surabaya (Unesa). And then they learn about the importance of fasting month and how to keep the world clean by caring for the environment. After learning, the activity closed with a quiz and took pictures together. After the call to prayer, the activity ended with breaking the fast together  The children were very happy. 

Break the fast together.

Ramdhan is not just about one month of fasting or praying. It is about how we care for the environment and share with others.

This activity was hold with the support of the Yayasan Kasih Bangsa Surabaya and kind people. We would like to say thank you very much for the support. 

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