Learning English At Flora Park

On Sunday morning we went to Flora park. We went at  8 a.m. and arrived at the location at 9 a.m. At Flora Park, There was a library, and Playground 

There were so many animals like deer ,fish and Turkey. And we went to feed the animal because there were sellers of animal food.

Group 1

Exploring Flora Park

We were exploring the flora garden. First we bought drinks. Next we headed to the deer area. There were many deers, so we fed the deers. 

We also saw buffalo starlings. Next we saw the person carrying the iguana. Then we moved again. We headed to the fish pond. There we fed the fish. and finally we gathered again at the original place.

Group 2

Beautiful Park

The first time we arrived at the flora park, we bought deer and fish food, then gave the fish to eat before opening the ice breaking. Then after that we all looked for a shady spot to do some ice breaking. The atmosphere in this flora garden was very cool and a playground was provided for children. 

Plants in this flora garden were enough to spoil the eyes and mind. Before we continued to export the flora garden, We bought drinks to accompany the journey. After that we walked to the deer pen and gave some food. Around the deer enclosure there was also a peacock enclosure. 

When we walked to get back together, on the way there were snakes and iguanas. The trip ended and we got together again.

Group 3

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