Teaching English Through Story

Nowadays English is introduced in our country in Indonesia from elementary school until university. So every student hopefully can master English as foreign language. Mastering English will make it easier to get a better job and access to advanced education. Many jobs ask the worker to be fluent in English written or orally. Especially if underprivileged children want to get higher education. Underprivileged children are socially, economically and educationally backward. We can find in many places in Surabaya. Teaching them is not easy, it is challenging because they have different needs and problems. Priti Sharma (2020) has conducted research and has found the characteristics of underprivileged learners are low motivation to learn, low cognitive abilities, low self esteem, poor readers and slow reader. 

When teachers teach them, the teacher should have a different method  from privileged children because they have different needs and problems. One of the ways to teach them is to use the media as a tool of teaching. Accoding to Masterman (1999) said that using media as tool of teaching can encourage student to take more responsibility for and control over their learning, engage in joint planning of the syllabus and take longer-term perspectives on their learning. Therefore, Rm. Paulus as tutor when he  taught them using media such as song, games, video on YouTube and pictures to make underprivileged children enjoyable and interesting to study english. 

At the November 4th meeting, Rm Paulus taught them using story. The title of the story is unhelpful friends.Teaching a story can develop children’s imagination and learn to listen. Stories help children cope with feeling and help develop confidence. The first activity the children watched the video together on YouTube using LCD without subtitles and every student had to write any words while they were watching and listening to the video. After that, every student had to mention one word differently. Before playing games some students explained the story using their own words. At the end of the activity the teacher played a whisper game to make sure that students improve their vocabulary.  


Priti Sharma (2020), Teaching English to Underprivileged learners.


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