Sanggar Merah Merdeka In Surabaya

Sanggar Merah Merdeka is community of young people working with suburban children (children from poor families and street children) in the city of Surabaya.

Sanggar as part of YKBS foundation division is part of social work of Congregation of the Mission. Encouraged by the founding spirituality and charisma, St. Vincent de Paul, Sanggar Merah Merdeka is established with the aim of serving children from underprivileged families and presenting God’s greetings of love to them.

In the spirit of humanity and based on love, Sanggar Merah Merdeka embraces all assisted children regardless of religion, ethnicity, and various other differences. Likewise the companion volunteers come from various backgrounds. As long as it is in the interests of child development, all who wish to join and work together are well received.

The vision of Sanggar accompanies suburban children to be able to develop their interests and talents more in accordance with children’s rights for a better future.

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